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Beyond Curtains of Lace

Well, here we go again. My last entry for this flashfiction was 494 words. Over the 400 word limit. So I reworked Beyond the Lace Curtains to this new piece.  379 words. Beyond Curtains of Lace             Louise Sorensen October 10, 2012   image    website    shortlink … Continue reading

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Beyond the Lace Curtains

Beyond The Lace Curtains  Louise Sorensen October 3, 2012   image    Flashfiction website shortlink Only three people heard the faint strain of Flamenco guitar playing upon the wind that All Hallows Eve. Melinda the rider, Mateo the warrior, … Continue reading

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Platinum Jungle Cat

The title of this FridayFlashFic was randomly generated from a military site through The site gives five Military Operation names and we had to pick one for our title. The names I got were;  Steadfast Bandicoot, Perpetual Ogre, Humane … Continue reading

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Felicity challenge for this week is travel. Go from point A to point B. limit 1000 words.  mine 994.                        Felicity                                           Louise Sorensen April 23, 2012 The train is rolling along, eating up the hours, and I am … Continue reading

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Death Visits

Chuck Wendig of challenged us to write a 1000 word limit story that prominently features Death, the concept of death, or an exploration of death. But death must be front and center. I grew this story outward in layers from a skeletal frame. reading

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Green Eyes

The challenge at Friday the 6th was to write a really gripping first sentence. I didn’t think I could write the right first sentence unless I wrote the whole piece, to make sure the first sentence worked. Word limit … Continue reading

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Soul Mates

This is in response to the challenge to write a story that centers around a terrible lie. Soul Mates Louise Sorensen April 2, 2012 From the cover of my cup of double-double, I watch as he saunters into the coffee shop. … Continue reading

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