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The Necklace

The Necklace Louise Sorensen July 31, 201 Here’s another story for Chuck Wendig’s FridayFlashFiction at  The  challenge was ‘Fleamarket’.                                    The Necklace   Louise Sorensen   July31, 2011 Mike pulled another petri dish out of the incubator, set it under the microscope and peered … Continue reading

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Lovebot #9

                      Lovebot #9                         Louise Sorensen July 28, 2011   No dog, no more. It had taken two years of waiting but Candace’s old Pug Keiki had finally passed away. He almost quit when he thought of all the … Continue reading

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Ol’ Blue

This is a FridayFlashFiction for Chuck Wendig’s Terrible Minds Blog. The challenge was  “unicorns” Shortlink Ol’ Blue      Louise Sorensen   July27, 2011 The first time I saw him, he was standing in my front drive, hitched to a carved wooden … Continue reading

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The Last Goodbye

This is today’s FridayFlashFiction for Chuck Wendig’s blog He said “I want the world to end, or be in the middle of ending in a way we’ve never seen before. The characters are to say “Whoa! We didn’t see … Continue reading

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  Volunteers      Louise Sorensen July 5, 2011   My Gram and Grampa looked so happy and proud standing for their group photo beside all the other volunteers; some Grampas, but mostly Grannies. They were a sea of dark blue uniforms … Continue reading

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I Pledge Allegiance

This story is for Chuck Wendig’s terribleminds FridayFlashFiction that he set on july1, 2011. The challenge for the story was to  “set it on the fourth of July, take the fourth of July, and muddy it up. Show how long … Continue reading

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