I’m the mother of three grown children, and I’ve worn many hats in my life.

At the moment, we have one horse, Leighla, Heidi, a Hackney pony, Yoshi, a magnificent black Shetland, and Chloe, a sturdy Welsh Cob type. Since I last updated this four years ago, two of our old horses, three of our dogs, and two of our cats died. We still have Fred, our Border Collie/Lab, and a new pup, Jimmy, a four month old Chocolate Lab.

I have a wonderful husband who doesn’t mind my two hundred plus orchids and other house plants, including some modest bonsai. I held a part time job for many years but am now retired.
I’m primarily a visual person, and spent most of my life sketching and painting until the Ice Storm of 1998. We had no power for nine days in the depths of a Canadian winter and worked hard to keep the stove fires burning and the house from freezing. I didn’t sleep for the first three days, and no one, including our three teenagers, slept well as the fires had to be manned (personned) 24/7.
After the Ice Storm, I couldn’t paint anymore. Mental block. My part-time job had never thrilled me, but it provided windows where I could create if I managed my time carefully. With no creative outlet, I drifted for awhile, the garden was beautiful! And then one of my sons invited me to join him in a Creative Writing Course. I’ve been writing ever since. I have published some of my poems and short stories here on wordpress. In the last two years, I finished a novel, had it edited, and had some stories published in anthologies. For now, I’m concentrating on writing short stories, because that’s what I really enjoy. At some point I will take time off from writing, figure out the tech and details of self publishing, and self publish my many short stories and perhaps a novel or two.

If you have any questions, contact me at louise3anne on twitter, or leave a comment on one of my stories. I love comments.

10 Responses to About

  1. Gil Brailey says:

    Hi Louise, just seen your review of DEATHLOOP on amazon.com. It means a lot to me that you have taken the trouble to write it. I am delighted you enjoyed the book. I have a new short story out FOREVER GUY. It is free on Lulu, but for some reason Amazon has not reduced the price (!)

  2. Hi Louise: This is a site by a good guy who is self publishing and has some good info
    xThere are a lot of people who offer services for people who want to self publish. Many writers blog about their adventures. One good one is Ashley Barron
    She writes about a lot of things, so you can find almost anything on their.
    I’ll send more when I think of some.

  3. kittymobile says:

    Where do you live? That sounds stupidly cold. Also, why could you no longer paint? No wish to or physical impediment?

  4. louisesor says:

    Ontario, Canada. There are places far colder in the world, but here, it gets cold enough.
    Painter’s block.

  5. Jessica West says:

    Nice to meet you! I look forward to reading your work. Best wishes on the Novel!

  6. Shannon Rose says:

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  7. Simon says:

    Hi there Louise, I just found you on Twitter. It’s great to meet a fellow sci-fi writer.
    I’m intrigued by your ice storm story and how that affected your art.

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